[Guide] How to setup Jio APN settings?

Are you facing issues while using internet via your JIO SIM? If it is the case, then you are in a need of a post like this as here, we are going to talk about how to setup Jio APN settings. So let us begin.

High speed internet is what we all would want. However, if your internet settings are not correct, you may not get the high speed you are looking for. It all happens due to the wrong internet settings and hence, getting your internet settings done correctly without any failure becomes essential.

For accessing to the high speed internet, all you require is a proper APN settings and if in case you are unable to get it done correctly, you will have to face the consequences for the same. 

APN settings are provided to everyone by the provider itself. However, if you are not provided the same or if there is a slight error in your APN settings, then you will not be able to access the internet.

For such issues, you can always contact to the customer support as they will be able to help you correctly with the accurate APN settings and that will also vary on your data plan and the type of connectivity you have.

Now let us see how to setup the Jio APN settings by your own.

How to setup Jio APN Settings?

In order to set up the APN network settings for your Jio SIM, you must follow the steps given below and make sure to not ignore any of them-
  1. First of all, open the settings on your device and click on mobile networks.
  2. Now select the network as LTE/GSM/WCDMA or LTE.
  3. Then click on APN and choose the JIO 4G option.

Once done, edit the JIO 4G APN and set as given below-

  • APN: jionet
  • Proxy: Not set
  • Port: Not set
  • Username: Not set
  • Password: Not set
  • Server: Not set or www.google.com to increase browsing speed.
  • MMSC: Not set
  • Authentication type: Not set
  • MMS Proxy: Not set
  • APN protocol: IPv6 or IPv4/IPV6 to boost the speed

Note that you are not required to edit the MCC and MNC settings as it varies according to the area you live in.

These are the things you are required to do in your Jio APN settings in order to have the high speed internet. All these settings are very essential as if it is not done as given above, you will be unable to access a high speed internet service from your operator.

Thus, try the steps given above and enjoy a high speed internet. Just in case if you are still unable to, please contact your customer support.


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