How to Check My Jio Number?

Waiting for a post to solve your How to check My Jio Number query? Well, this article can help you in the same. So let us scroll.

Most of the people are using Jio numbers these days and generally, these numbers are used either to use internet or for free calling. However, no matter what, you must know your number. Knowing your Jio number is important for many reasons. For eg, if you are looking to recharge your number, you need to know it. And if you are not sure how to find it, then in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best proven methods to know what is your Jio number. However, before you scroll down to the post and know about the same, make sure that your Jio number is activated and number. Because if you have bought the SIM recently or a day before, it will take some time to get activated and without it, you won’t be able to use the methods and detect the same.

How to know My Jio Number?

So let us now talk about how you can find out your Jio number if you are not aware with it. We are sharing various methods which are 100% working. So simply use any of them and find out your Jio number today.
  1. Via My Jio App

The first method is to find out your Jio number through your My Jio app. And for that, you need to follow the steps given here-

  1. First of all, download the My Jio App from your Here.
  2. Once it is installed, open the app.
  3. Use your credentials and login into the My Jio Account.
  4. After logging in, you will find out your registered number on the home screen of your app.

And hence, you will be able to find out your Jio number easily.

  1. Send an SMS

Most of the networks provide some specific digit code in order to know the Jio number. However, Jio does not do that. But if you want, you still can find out your Jio number by simply sending an SMS. All you need to do is to type MyPlan and send it to 199. within a second or two, you will receive an SMS which will have all the details of your plan along with your Jio Number.

  1. Call Customer Care

The easiest yet the most time taking one is to call your customer care and find out the same. However, you need to have loads of patience for doing that as your call may be received after waiting for minutes or so. For making a call, you need to call at 198 and follow their instructions. Then ask them your number. You will have to tell them few answers in order to prove your identity. Once the procedure is done, you will get the correct number.

  1. Send an SMS to 199

Lastly, the method to know your Jio number is to send an SMS by typing Jio <IMEI> and send it to 199. It is one of the most easiest way to find out the details of your SIM card without wasting much time.  Once done, you will get an SMS from 199 which will have all your details including the Jio number.

So this was all about finding Jio number. Also, if you are not aware with it, please keep in mind that both, Jio mobile number and Jio SIM number are two different numbers and they are not same.

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