How to Change JioFi Login User Name and Password

For those who are new to it, changing JioFi login user name and password may look a big deal and something tough to do. However, it is not. And even if it looks difficult to you, by reading this article, you will be able to change your JioFi login user name and password without any difficulty.

Today, we are talking about How to change your JioFi login user name and password?. So let us get started.

When you get a new Wi-Fi network router, you will notice that the username and the password is already set. And it will be set as by default. However, changing it is an important thing to do in order to keep your network safe.

If you think that using the default login username and password will be fine for you, then it can surely keep your network in danger as these usernames and passwords are very easy to guess and hack.

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Any person who is connected to your network will be able to log in to your router and they can also be able to access your settings and data shared on your network.

These hackers can totally mess up your network and also can get easy access to your personal data and can inject malware into your network. And this is why it becomes mandatory for any user, no matter if the Wi-Fi network is being used at home or at the office, needs to change their username and password.

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So now, let us read about how one can change the JioFi login username and password.

How to change JioFi Login User Name and Password?

By following the steps given below, one can easily be able to change their JioFi login username and password.

  1. First of all, power on your JioFi device and connect it to the network.
  2. Now open the web browser and go to  http://jiofi.local.html or
  3. Now once you load it, a login page will be shown. You need to enter the default username and password in order to log in. The default username and the password will be same, administrator. Also, make sure to type it as it is.
  4. Now you are logged into the admin panel. Now go to User Management > Account Management.
  5. Now type the new username and the password you want to set.
  6. Confirm it and click on save.
  7. Now your username and password will be changed.

By following this, you will be able to change both your username and password successfully. However, do note that you must keep your password and username different and while choosing the password, do not make the mistake of keeping it common such as PASSWORD1234, your name or any such common information. Make sure to keep it above 8 characters and make a mix of characters, numbers, and symbols.

Always make sure to choose as lengthy a password as you can. Even if it is not making a sense, it is okay to set it as such passwords are very difficult to hack. Also, do not choose the same password that you have chosen at some other website or account. Make sure to keep all your passwords different from each other. And if you are not good at tracking the same, you can always go for a password manager tool for keeping it secured.

So this was all about how you can change your JioFi Wi-Fi username and password in a click. If you have any queries, please let us know.


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