How to optimize your internet speed?

Internet speed is the factor that matters the most while using your Wi-Fi router. Today, let us talk about how to optimize your internet speed.

Internet speed depends on many factors and one of it is the number of devices connected to your network router. Each of them will use some of the internet bandwidth and hence, your internet speed will get affected. 

However, there are many ways available to optimize your internet connection as well. Today, we are going to discuss those few things you could do in order to optimize your internet connection and all of these methods are tried and tested.

So let us get started with the list-

How to optimize your internet speed?

  1. Reboot your Router- If you are experiencing issues in your internet speed, then the first thing you should do is to restart your router for a minute or two. And do repeat the process in every few hours. It will help your router to clear the cache and get back with the speed easily.
  2. Do not keep your router with metal objects- If you have kept your Wi-Fi router with any metal object or any other electronic device, then you are making it hard as such devices can interfere with the signals of your router and will create obstacles in your speed and hence, it is advisable to keep your router away from such objects.
  3. Keep your Wi-Fi router closer- In order to have the best internet speed, you should keep your Wi-Fi router close to the place where you work. For eg, if you are working in a living room, keep it there itself as if it is kept at distance, the networks will be weaker and your speed will get affected.
  4. Optimal router placement- As mentioned above, if you keep the router at distance, your signals and speed will suffer. But if you want your router signals to reach at every room of yours, then the most important thing is the optimal placement of your router. Keep it at an elevated place and make sure that it is in a central location of your home/office.
  5. Use the Wi-Fi extender- If you want to improve the coverage of your Wi-Fi router, then using a Wi-Fi extender will help as it aids in improving the coverage and will increase the signal strength.
  6. Check if your cable is unplugged or damaged- Just in case you are facing issues while using the Internet, then you must go and ensure whether your cable is plugged well or not. Also, make sure that there is no damage in the wire as it makes the internet connection weaker.
  7. Use a wired connection- If it is feasible for you, make sure to use an Ethernet cable which can be used for the internet connection instead of the Wi-Fi router. Although Wi-Fi router connection will be convenient, using an Ethernet cable will give you good speedy internet.
  8. Don’t go for multiple devices- Just in case if your bandwidth is low, then you must not connect multiple devices together to the router. The more devices you connect, slower the speed you will experience. Also, if you are doing activities which takes a lot of data such as streaming online, downloading big files or video calling, then make sure to not do it all together.
  9. Upgrade your router- Last but not the least, if your router is not updated, then you must upgrade the router and experience a good speed internet network.

So these were the ways through which you can optimize your internet speed.



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