How to check JioFi Router Balance?

Check JioFi Router Balance: Once you have taken a Jiofi router login connection, you need to keep checking the data balance of your router so that you don’t have to face a sudden interruption in internet connectivity. Also, you need to regularly recharge your Jiofi Router as per the plans earlier chosen by you. So, it is important to check the data balance of your router. If the data balance exceeds the limit provided in the plan, the speed of the internet will slow down and after some days it will stop completely. The data balance of the Jiofi router depends on the plan that you have taken.

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How to Recharge Jiofi Router?

How to Recharge Jiofi Router? Jiofi routers can be recharged on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis depending upon the requirements of the users and their affordability. Different plans of recharging the Jiofi router login provide the different speeds of the internet both uploading and downloading speed and there are several other benefits like premium … Read more

What is WPS in Jiofi Router?

What is WPS in Jiofi Router? Meaning of WPS in JioFi Router WPS can be explained as wifi protected setup that provides the facility to the users to connect several wireless devices to the router very easily. It is a network security standard that is wireless and establishes fast connectivity of the Jiofi network and … Read more

How to optimize your internet speed?

Internet speed is the factor that matters the most while using your Wi-Fi router. Today, let us talk about how to optimize your internet speed.

Internet speed depends on many factors and one of it is the number of devices connected to your network router. Each of them will use some of the internet bandwidth and hence, your internet speed will get affected. 

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Forgot JioFi Password? How to Reset JioFi Password or Change it

How to Reset JioFi Password: If you are a regular user of Jio, then you need how important your Jio password is and how important it is to keep it safe. But what if you forget it? In that case, all you need to do is to go through the post in which we are sharing about How to change your Jio password if you have forgotten it. 

Jio password is required for every service you enjoy from Jio such as JioTV, JioNet, JioSecurity, JioCinema, JioNews and etc. For accessing any of these services, you are needed to use the Jio password. And if in case you are not good with memory, and forgot your password, then you are at the right place where we are going to help you in the same.

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How to Factory Reset JioFi Router Settings? (Step by Step)

How to reset JioFi: JioFi is a personal hotspot device you can use for Wi-Fi easily. The device is so tiny and portable that you can take it anywhere easily and also, it can bridge the gap between the local Wi-Fi network and 4G networks. It also isn’t very expensive and hence is perfect for anyone who travels a lot and wants to have their personal hotspot device to carry everywhere.

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JioFiber Recharge Plans

Are you looking for a suitable JioFiber Recharge Plans to make your recharge? Well, if yes, then you need to go through the table given here where we have shared the latest plans available. Let us take a look here- JioFiber Recharge Plans Plan Price (Per Month in INR) Speed Data Zero-Latency Gaming OTT Apps … Read more