Change JioFi WiFi Password

Are you here searching the terms like How to change JioFi Wi-Fi password? Change JioFi Wi-Fi password? If yes, then this is the post which can help you. In this post, we are going to talk about, how to change JioFi Wi-Fi password without struggling a lot. Since the time Jio has launched JioFi, it has taken over all the existing network companies. Due to the plan, price and the top notch service, people are using JioFi more than any other network.

Talking about it, JioFi Wi-Fi network default passwords are not easy to remember. They are the random combination of letters, digits and symbols. One can simply not remember it and hence, they have to keep it save somewhere to take it in use again.

Why to change JioFi Wi-Fi Password?

When it comes to connecting it to any new device, one has to use the password and save it. And most of the time when you share your password, people save it in their devices and as a result, they can have a quick access to your Wi-Fi connection everytime they visit your home.

By keep changing the JioFi Wi-Fi password, one can simply save their data and also, from the security purpose, it is advisable to keep changing the password timely. However, changing the password is not something that is very easy. One has to go through some steps to change your JioFi Wi-Fi password.

And if you are someone from a non technical background, you might face difficulties in changing the password.

Passwords can be set by using between 8-32 characters and all of them includes digits, special characters, alphabets and etc. While you set your password, you must know that by including the combination of all three, the chances of getting your network hacked will be low.

So let us take a look and read about how to change your JioFi Wi-Fi password.

How to change JioFi WiFi Password?

In order to change your JioFi WiFi password, you need to follow the set of steps provided in this article. So let us simply go through the steps and change the JioFi WiFi password now.

  1. First of all, you need to power on the JioFi Wi-Fi device.
  2. Now simply connect to the JioFi Wi-Fi network from your smart device.
  3. Now simply open a web browser and in the URL bar, type this- http://jiofi.local.htmlor
  4. Once you load this on your web browser, a login page will appear. Now simply enter the login username and password.

Note- If you are not aware of this, the default username for the JioFi Router is administrator and also, the default password will be administrator.

  1. Once you have used the credentials, go to the Network, then Wi-Fi configuration and then secure key.
  2. Now set the new password you want to keep for your JioFi router and click on Set.
  3. Now by completing it, the new password for the router will be set and all those previously connected devices from the previously chosen password will get disconnected.

Once you are done with it, you have to then again connect to the Wi-Fi network again with a newly chosen password in order to keep using the connection.

Changing your Wi-Fi password is a to do thing one must do in every 3-4 months and if in case you are not good with remembering them all, make a sheet and keep them secured there.

Also, you must not use the same old password on every site you use because by doing that, you are not only risking one site but all your accounts. Hence, keep changing the password timely and if you still have doubts on the same, please let us know in the given comment section.

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