How to Change JioFi Network Name (SSID)

Changing JioFi Network name is not very tough task to do. However, if you are facing difficulties in doing the same, you can simply go through this article as we are going to talk about How to change your JioFi Network name. If you have recently bought the JioFi Wi-Fi, then you will get the default name of your Wi-Fi network. Most of the companies set a specific name for their network. However, one can anytime change it according to their choice. Changing the default name of your Wi-Fi network is easy to do task. No matter which company it is, doing it is a matter of few minutes. However, some people find it confusing and hence fails to change it.

Why to change JioFi Network Name?

If you are not sure why to change your JioFi network name, then the obvious reason for the same is that if you do not change the SSID, joining your network will become easier for anyone. Also, it becomes easy to hack when you do not change the default name of your connection. nIf you change it, all those devices which were connected once will not be able to connect to the network again and hence, you will be able to protect your Wi-Fi networK.

How to change JioFi Network Name (SSID)?

For changing the name of your JioFi Wi-Fi network, you need to follow the steps given here.

  1. First of all, you need to turn on the JioFi Wi-Fi device.
  2. Once done, connect your PC to the JioFi Network.
  3. Now paste the link given here http://jiofi.local.html to your web browser. It is the default gateway address. Once done, click enter.

Note- If you don’t want to do it, you also can use this link login to the admin panel of your JioFi device. It is the default gateway address for the JioFi Routers.

  1. Now on your screen, a page will appear where you will have to enter your login details such as username and password.
  2. The default username for the JioFi router will be administrator and the password will also be administrator. Make sure that it is case sensitive.
  3. Now you will be logged in successfully to the admin panel of the JioFi Router.
  4. Go to the Networks> Wi-Fi configuration.
  5. Now change the name of your Wi-Fi network according to your own. For that, you need to type the chosen name in the given name field.
  6. Click on save

By doing that, your SSID of the network will be changed. And also, all those devices which were connected to the previous SSID will also be disconnected the moment you change it.

Now for login purpose, you also need to reconnect to the network with the name changed SSID. Since it is a public thing which will be visible to the visitors, you must not keep it as same as your password or some important information of yours.

It is advisable to keep the name as funny and simple as you can do. You must not make it something that can trouble you later.

So this was all about how you can change your JioFi Wi-Fi name without complicating it much. If you have any issues regarding the same, please comment down and let us know the same.

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