What is Jio Wi-Fi Calling?

If you are a loyal Jio customer, then you must know that they have recently introduced a feature called Jio Wi-Fi calling that will let the users make and receive calls through the Wi-Fi network. Today in this article, we are going to discuss about Jio Wi-Fi calling. So let’s scroll it down-

What is Jio Wi-Fi Calling?

Jio Wi-Fi calling is a new feature launched by Jio which will make their users to make calls through the existing Jio number only via Wi-Fi network.In other words, if your mobile device is connected to the Wi-Fi network and is compatible, then you will be able to make and receive calls without paying anything.

This is a new feature for the Jio users and users can avail it only if their handsets is compatible with Wi-Fi calling feature. For using this feature, users should have this feature available.

It is an ease for making calls as you can do that simply by connecting your Wi-Fi network with your device and call. However,make sure to keep both VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling feature on since your handset will switch between Wi-Fi network and mobile network according to the availability of better signals and coverage.

Why Wi-Fi calling feature?

If you ask what is so good in this new Jio Wi-Fi calling feature, than it is the fact that with this feature, you will be able to make calls without paying anything and also, you are not required to change your existing plan as well.

Any call you make within the boundaries will be charges as per the standard rates of your mobile network whereas, any calls made to international numbers will be charged as per the International call rates provided by Jio. Also, you will be able to make Wi-Fi calls during roaming as well.

Now let us make a list and see the major advantages of Jio Wi-Fi calling-

  • Strong network- If you use the Jio Wi-Fi calling feature, then your phone will automatically either go for mobile network or Wi-Fi network in order to provide you the strongest network available.
  • Clear voice quality- By using the feature, you will be able to have a very clear voice quality over Wi-Fi. Also, you can have a good video quality as well. The signals will be strong and you will have a better call coverage.
  • Use existing number- The major highlight of using this feature is that with this feature, you will be able to make calls with your existing Jio number and hence, you don’t have to switch to a new one.
  • No additional charges- With this feature, you are not required to pay anything except for the plan you are choosing. All you need is a compatible device and one of the voice plan that you always go for.

How to enable Jio Wi-Fi calling feature?

Now let us talk about how can one enable this amazing Jio Wi-Fi calling feature. So follow the steps we are sharing given below and get started with it-

Note- Please ensure if your handset is compatible with the feature or not and proceed further.

for Android devices-

  • First of all, go to the settings.
  • Search for the option Wi-Fi calling.
  • Now turn on the slider and enable it.
  • You are done now.

for the iOS users-

  • Open settings.
  • Click on Phone.
  • Now tap on Wi-Fi calling.
  • Turn on the slider and enable the feature.
  • Enjoy

By following the given steps above, you will be able to make and receive the calls without any struggle.

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