How to upgrade JioFi Firmware? A Step by Step Guide

How to upgrade JioFi Firmware?

Looking to a guide where you can know how to upgrade JioFi Firmware? If yes, then all you need to do is to scroll down and read this article ahead-

What is JioFi?

If you are not aware of it, then JioFi is a hotspot device developed and launched by Reliance Jio to offer the good internet speed to more than 30 devices. It can also be called as a personal hotspot device that you can carry anywhere as it is portable.

Most of the JioFi devices comes with the old versions of the firmware by default and this is the major issue as it causes a slow internet speed. However, a quick and easy solution for this issue is to upgrade the firmware to the latest version and if it is done, the bugs will get fixed and you can enjoy the high speed of internet to all the connected devices. Apart from fixing the bugs, it will be able to remove the internal system error in your JioFi device as well.

But wait, can it be done automatically? Or do we need to upgrade the JioFi Firmware by our own? Well, the answer is simple, we need to upgrade it by our own. 

And this is the reason why we have come up with this post where we are going to tell you step by step on how to upgrade your JioFi firmware.

NOTE- First of all, you are required to know where you can find the latest version of JioFi firmware. And to find it, you need to go to the settings of the JioFi local HTML website. You can log in to your account on the address given below and once done, you can find the details of the same. 


How to upgrade JioFi Firmware?

To upgrade your JioFi firmware, you need to follow the steps we are sharing below. However, before you start following them, make sure that your JioFi device is charges and you also have the JioFi account login credentials with you.

You must download the JioFi firmware latest version as well in advance-

  1. Firstly, power on your JioFi device.
  2. Then connect it either to your mobile or PC.
  3. Now once it is connected, go to the admin panel of the JioFi.
  1. The page will load and once done, use your credentials and log in into the admin panel. Just in case if you have forgotten the login details, then you are required to do the factory reset your JioFi device and then start it again.
  2. Tap on the Firmware option given.
  3. You can see the option configuration backup. Now backup the JioFi settings and configuration first.
  4. Tap on settings
  5. Click on browse and choose the downloaded file you have downloaded of your latest version of the firmware.
  6. Now tap on apply and wait.
  7. With a minute, the latest version of your firmware will be installed. Once done, your JioFi device will get reboot automatically.

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By following the steps given below in the same sequence we have asked you to, you will be easily able to upgrade the firmware of your JioFi device and enjoy the high speed internet in all 31 connected device. 

In case of any queries, please let us know in the given comment section.

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