What is Call Forwarding Service?

Call forwarding is a feature through which one can either forward or diver the incoming calls to any number of their choice. It could be any number, be it landline, cellular number, voice mail or desktop computer. Users can divert it to any number as per their feasibility.

Users can also set to divert incoming call option and if they do that, their phone calls will be diverted to different number without even ringing. Also, even if the network problem is there, your call will be diverted. All such features varies according to your carrier and the network provider.

Although such features come for free of cost, few network providers will charge you an additional fee for the same.

Why Call Forwarding feature?

This Call Forwarding feature is very effective and beneficial for many reasons. Some of the reasons are mentioned below-

  1. With this feature, you will be able to divert your call to some other number when you are not available to take the calls.
  2. If you are at a place where you can not reach to good signals, using this feature will save you from not missing any important call.
  3. Call Forwarding feature is free of cost with most of the providers and hence, you can avail the benefits without spending anything on it.

Choices available with Call Forwarding-

There are different types of options available with this feature. Let us read those here-

  1. Always forward- If you are using this option says Always forward, your all calls will be sent to the number you have used while choosing this option. If you have chose this option and enabled it, other options will get automatically disabled.
  2. When busy- If you are busy on another call already, then using this option will make your incoming calls forwarded to the number you ask them to.
  3. When unanswered- If you have chosen this option, then it means that if you do not answer your call, your call will be forwarded. However, all the calls will be coming to you first.
  4. When unreachable- By selecting this option, you will be able to transfer your calls to the number you want when your phone is unreachable. There may be some time when your number is either turned off or has weak coverage issues, then this option will be used.

All these options are available with everyone. You can always choose the one that fits your bill and for doing the same, you only have to configure it and set up the number where you want your calls to be forwarded.

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