What is WPS in Jiofi Router?

What is WPS in Jiofi Router?

Meaning of WPS in JioFi Router

WPS can be explained as wifi protected setup that provides the facility to the users to connect several wireless devices to the router very easily. It is a network security standard that is wireless and establishes fast connectivity of the Jiofi network and wireless devices like cameras, smartphones, television, and other home video appliances, etc. It is a built-in feature in most routers like Jiofi.  With this feature, you can use all the wireless devices in your place over the internet. Generally, users must know the name and the password key of the network to get connected to the router and use the internet facility but, in Jiiofi router users do not need to do so for all the wireless devices like laptops, smartphones, iPods, televisions, etc just by enabling the Jiofi WPS. This feature in Jiofi helps in connecting with wireless printers as well. The best thing is that just like the Jiofi password, the device once connected through WPS will remember the same and users do not need to establish it again for future uses.

How WPS works in Jiofi Router

WPS works in the Jiofi Router Login in a very simple manner and users can easily enable this setting in their Jiofi router to establish a secure and fast connection. This can be done as follows:

  1. One of the easiest ways is to press the WPS push button at the back of your Jiofi Router and turn the WPS button on to enable it.
  2. But doing this will not ensure that you are able to establish a WPS connection. For that, you have to change the settings of your wireless device.
  3. Like in your smartphone, go to the settings menu and open the Wifi menu
  4. Go to advanced settings and enable WPS connection. Thus, after that WPS connecting will be established with the Jiofi router.
  5. It is recommended for the users to use WPS Jifo Router connection only when they have forgotten the network name and password and the need to do a task immediately using the internet because if the WPS s turned on, anyone can connect to your Jiofi Router and it will increase the risk of your network getting hacked, so do not use WPS unless there is an emergency.
  6. If a user is unable to turn on the WPS push button of the Jiofi Router, then switch off the Widi, turn it on again, and then click on the WPS push-button for 30-120 seconds. It will turn on.
  7. You can also try to move the Jiofi Router close to the device or vice versa if he or she is not able to establish a secure connection. Thus, the WPS feature of the Jiofi router makes the process of establishing a secure connection easy but it is risky as well because a person with very few hacking tools and even little knowledge of breaking through a network, can easily get into the network and attack the connected devices.

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