How to Make Calls from JioFi? (Audio and Video)

Make Calls from JioFi: A JioFi device is a device that acts as a portable hotspot when an activated Jio SIM card is added to it. The JioFi device needs to be charged so that you can use it anywhere at any time. There are some ore uses of JioFi devices if you have smartphones that have 2G, 3G, and 4G you can make HD voice calls and video calls.

If a phone doesn’t support VoLTE to make HD voice calls and HD video calls with just a mere addition of Jio SIM cards. In this article, we are sharing the necessary steps required to follow. This is a step-by-step guide to help you make HD voice calls and HD video calls from your smartphones which support 2G, 3G, and 4Gdevices using JioFi.

Steps to Download Jio4GVoice and its configuration:

Step 1– The First step will be to download the app that supports your Jio SIM in the JioFi device ‘Jio4GVoice’ app from the Google Play Store and to install it on your phone. This will help you in making HD voice calls and video calls.

Step 2- After downloading the Jio4GVoice app successfully open the application on your smartphone. Now it will prompt you to enter a SIM card else to join a JioFi device. Click on the JioFi option given and this will now redirect you to the WiFi settings of your phone.

Step 3– The next step is to switch on the JioFi device which has an enabled SIM card in it and then let it completely turn on. After this, you can now connect your JioFi device as a wireless connection to the smartphones around it.

Step 4– To connect the procedure is as simple as connecting with any WiFi connection, on your device click on the username of the JioFi from the list of WiFi connections around you, then will prompt you to enter the password after entering the correct one you are connected.

Step 5–  the next step will be to log into your wireless router admin dashboard. This can be done by selecting any of the two given portals, jiofi.local.html or

How to Activate the Jio SIM in your device

Now to activate the SIM card on your JioFI device you will need to install the Jio4GVoice app on your smartphone, before starting you will be required to confirm it on a tele-verify application. You start by installing the Jio4GVoice application from Google PlayStore, this will let you use your SIM card for making HD voice calls and HD video calls using JioFi.

After connecting to the WiFi using the above steps, before switching it on, kindly note down the SSID and a password that can be located beside the tray for SIM cards.

Here is how to activate your SIM to start using your Jio device:                     

Step 1– To start the activation of your SIM card open the dialer on your Jio4GVoice app and type ‘1977’ and make a call by selecting the call icon.

Step 2- This call will direct you to a Jio Service Customer Support Associate, who on verifying the details provided by you with the details given at the time of purchasing your Jio SIM card will activate the Jio SIM card.

On activation of the SIMcard, calls can be made. Follow these steps to help you connect and make calls.

Step 1– Start by connecting your JioFi device with WiFi to your Smartphone.

Step 2– Now from your contacts Select the person you wish to connect with or you can also manually type the number on the dialer.

Step 3– The next step is to press on the call icon, which launches the Jio4G voice on its own. You will locate that there are three buttons of different kinds present, each symbolizing a different thing. For Video calling and Voice calling using the JioFi device, the Green buttons are present. And to use your SIM card to make voice calls you can tap on the Grey button.

Step 4– use similar steps to indulge in video calls, it has to be noted that the other party should also be on Jio Network, using Jio4GVoice or a 4G VoLTE device.


Wrapping It Up:

These steps show how easy it is to indulge in HD Voice or Video Calls with the Jiofi devices without any time limit. Also, the best part is that this is a portable device. Once it is charged you can travel around and also indulge in calls and let your contacts indulge in Live experiences with you which is much better than recording and sharing later. You can also send unlimited SMS messages with it all free of cost.

Have a happy time now connecting with your loved ones on Audio or Video calls via JioFi device!

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