What is WPS in Jiofi Router?

What is WPS in Jiofi Router? Meaning of WPS in JioFi Router WPS can be explained as wifi protected setup that provides the facility to the users to connect several wireless devices to the router very easily. It is a network security standard that is wireless and establishes fast connectivity of the Jiofi network and … Read more

Jio Customer Care Support Contact

Jio is one of the largest telecom networks we have in India. Ever since the company, Reliance has launched Jio, customers started switching to Jio from their networks. The company started with Jio sim but after getting a good response, they started offering more services such as JioFi, Jio Fiber, JioTV and etc. Right now, … Read more

Jio4GVoice APK Download & Install for Android, iOS & PC!

Jio4GVoice is a very useful App to make Audio and Video Calls on 4G with a single Jio Prime subscription. This App was previously known as JioJoin. The new version is the Jio4GVoice with amazing features like Group Chats, Sharing of Location, Stickers for each mood and variety, Sharing of Files, Doodles, and more which brings down to an amazing high-quality experience. Jio4GVoice will help you connect with your friends and family all over the world in HD be it for Audio or Video.

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What is International roaming?

Do you have questions about International roaming? If you are not sure with what is International roaming, then this article will be very helpful to you. Let’s get started with the same. International roaming is a type of a service which will make you make and receive voice calls, text messages and access your internet … Read more

What is Call Forwarding Service?

Call forwarding is a feature through which one can either forward or diver the incoming calls to any number of their choice. It could be any number, be it landline, cellular number, voice mail or desktop computer. Users can divert it to any number as per their feasibility. Users can also set to divert incoming … Read more

What is Jio Wi-Fi Calling?

If you are a loyal Jio customer, then you must know that they have recently introduced a feature called Jio Wi-Fi calling that will let the users make and receive calls through the Wi-Fi network. Today in this article, we are going to discuss about Jio Wi-Fi calling. So let’s scroll it down- What is … Read more